Twenty Years From Now

Well J.W., what a pleasure to have met you. You are an amazing woman. Down to earth, energetic, easily interacting with all ages. You can laugh, you can cry, and yet know there is an appropriate time for each. You gained my respect almost the first day I met you, and that wasn't even two weeks ago.

You're warm, and friendly, and yet could never be mushy or over-bearing about it. You know the pain of the world, of others, and I'm sure you've known your own--yet you bear it without complaining. There is a life to you, a spunk, an optimism, a joy, that has lasted through the years and challenges and transitions. No self-pity. No "oh look how I've served, struggled and suffered." No, none of that, "That wouldn't do now, would it?" (I can hear you saying those very words, your lovely British accent, even now as I write.)

You, my dear, have become for me another one who shows me how I want to live. Down the road, another twenty years from now (for you are about twenty years older than me), should the Lord grant me the years, I hope I will be like you in so many ways. Living in hope. Loving my God. Blessing the world.

And while you're certainly not "old" (definitely not!) you've added vision to my Old Lady Dreams... 

Thank you. I hope we shall meet again in coming years.

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