Forays of the Prodigal

Did he ever run away again?
After going so far
Living so low
Repenting so completely
Knowing such grace…
Did he ever leave again?

He never imagined he would
How could he want to?
That night at the banquet
He was a truly changed man
This mercy, this grace
He could only be thankful

But not too long after
He felt it again
Those same frustrations
Same temptations
He just had to leave

Oh, the forays were different now
Not as long
Not as far
Sometimes the distance was only emotional, inside
And the time gone
Each time became shorter
Sooner, he “came to his senses”

But one thing never changed
Always was his Father waiting there
Always he came running
Always were the arms wide open
Always was there complete forgiveness and grace

For he had always been
The beloved son
He had always been heir
Meant to live out the family name
It did take time though
To grow into the reality

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