Great Place to Spend a Day!

I was there about 8 hours.  I was kind of tired at the beginning--hadn't eaten or had anything to drink for 9 hours--that morning coffee!  But after a while I started waking up.  Once I could drink some juice, I think the sugar kicked in and I was alert enough to think and read.  I did my daily Bible reading, caught up on yesterday's and today's. Did some journalling and pondering too. I was seated in the midst of the nations it seemed--so many differing modes of dress--mostly from Arabic nationalites and countries. For my last couple of hours, I was first in the bookstore (somehow it always feels good to buy a good book), then I meandered up the escalator to the food court where I enjoyed a chicken quesadilla while reading 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and let my mind ponder how we might become more successful at "stewardship delegation" in our office. The atmosphere was quiet and clean, with lots of green and open spaces--so conducive to a quiet soul and pondering. On the way out I picked up a low-fat grande latte from Starbucks, and I was on my way home.

Where was I having such a nice day? At the hospital, of course--Bumrungrad International.  Now at how many hospitals would you say that after visiting for 8 hours?

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