I LOVE Your Law!!

It always struck me as weird that David would say that...shows up most in Psalm 119 I think.  How can you "love" a "law"?  How do you love rules and commands?  Love is warm and soft. Law is hard and cold.

But I am starting to understand. This past week my reading schedule had me in Leviticus 19.  I listened through twice, the next day I read, and I felt myself saying "I love Your law." I love His ways, they are so good.  It is so GOOD to live in a world where people follow His ways, where we are taught these ways are right.  Yes, it's good: Do not curse the deaf or put a stumbling block in front of the blind. Leads to a broader principle--actually, do not ever have fun at anyone else's expense, hurting them and mocking them for that area in which they are weak!  And don't bother to collect all of the harvest, leave it for the poor, the widow and the foreigner.  Ah, a country where they help you get on your feet when you first arrive, or enable you to survive if you've been hit by some of life's hard blows.

Oh God, I love Your law! 

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