My soul will find the rest it needs

This was the view in front of me on the beach this morning. Last night as the bus drove further and further...about 20 minutes where I was the last one on the bus...far from bustling cities... And then when I arrived, and saw the place, and my room.  Ah.  Thank you Lord.  Peace and quiet.  Clean.  New.  Welcoming.  A place named after the verse (KJV) " he slept under a juniper tree...the Lord came and touched him..."
Yes, I am looking for a "touch" from the Lord. 
I have been writing "I am here to meet with You" in my journal.  And I wrote about being "disturbed".  Yesterday, reading Daniel 9-10, I was reminded that an encounter with God, or even just an angel, can indeed be very disturbing--Daniel kept falling face down, and was left trembling with what he saw.  But he also received strength, and was 3 times told, "you are very precious to God" (NLT).  The disturbing, would be worth it, to gain the touch, and the strength, and being told "you are very precious to God".
Disturb me Lord. Thoroughly shake all those places that need to be destroyed, dismantled, uprooted. Disturb all wrong perceptions of you, or me or others. Disturb me for the things that disturb You. Do not let me leave here unchanged.

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