Thank You!

Thank You God
Father, Son, Holy Spirit
For looking down on us
Looking on
   our wandering
   our brokenness
   our hopelessness
With compassion
   and love
For staying so committed to us
That though we didn't really want You
Though we rejected again and again
You decided to come
For those who might receive
   and believe
   and find life

Thank Jesus
For being willing to come
Come as a baby
Be so completely curtailed
Did you know, all along
That the cross was coming
Or did that hang over You all Your life
Even if You didn't know
Living sinless
In the midst of our
   petty rage

Thank You
For always looking with compassion
And love
On our miserable state
On me
   wherever I am
   no matter how foolish
   no matter how I should know by now
Thank You
For always

And You didn't balk
   when it got hard
You didn't give up
You didn't walk away
You stayed
You followed through
You let Yourself go through
All of the same things
   I face
   And so much more

Jesus, Son of God
Then and now
Thank You for Your constant
In my life
In the past
And into my future
Your love will never change
Your constant reaching
You as a constant refuge
And shelter
And rock
And strength
Your love as my source of life
Your love and life flowing into me
Transforming me
Living out through me

Thank You

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