the walking wounded

It's an amazing thing
that we can be
and yet walking
and yet reaching out to help others

we're just a community of broken ones
falling ones
stumbling ones
crawling ones

with strength enough

even when you are crawling
you can reach back
and give a hand to someone
stumbled in their crawl right beside you
or pause, to stop together and encourage
to keep crawling

I was amazed, three days ago, to be in a rough place myself, yet sensing the Lord tell me that a friend was struggling--to reach out, and ask, encourage. It turns out, she was struggling, really struggling. The next day, I was moved by the pain and struggle of another, and led to some tangible and specific ways to help, that really did help in the end. And then this became good for me too, to know His leading me, even in the midst of  my own struggle... and even there, in the absence of sensing His presence, ah, starting to note His presence. Mysterious, the way He works, the way He draws, the way He reminds.

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