Sharing the journey

Glad to be there today
for her
glad to be me for her
glad to have had my journey
and freedom found
for it is the freedom she needs
I wish there had been someone like me
for me (is that weird to say?)
when I was her age
someone to tell me
they understood
it was normal, in some sense
how to find a way through
that all could be talked about
what part to be concerned about
what part
might actually not be much of  a problem
for me the freedom and insight came
fifteen years later
(and I'm thankful for the people I had then)

I'm glad for her
and proud of her courage
I see a beautiful heart
a heart You have made new
deeper in her
than the sin and the struggle
is the desire to live clean and free
that is You drawing
You leading
Your life
   that is stronger
   than any evil or darkness
at work and alive in her

Thank You for the journey
for mine
for hers
for this chance to journey together
what a privilege to be
a safe place
the first one
with whom she has shared
and I'm thankful for those
who were safe for me

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