Not Forgotten

I am
not forgotten

Thank You Lord
for the reminder
Just as through me
You reached out to a sister
on the other side of the world
You, through another sister
again, on the other side of the world
reached out to me
simply reminding me
I am not forgotten

It must have been You
that reminded her of me
in this oh-so-difficult time
We haven't connected in ages
she would have no way to know
except for You
putting me
on her mind
"You've been on my mind so much lately"
(and a little 'praying' emoticon)
Thank You

I am
not forgotten

We are
not forgotten
none of us

This is the truth
This is what You promise
I will never leave you nor forsake you
With you always, to the end of the world
but we sometimes forget
or don't feel remembered
Yet You reach out to remind
Thank You

Thank you M.E. for listening to Him, hearing about me, for praying and for letting me know. No, I'm not on the verge of despair or anything that bad, but it has been a tough journey lately. Thank you for reminding me of His care, for letting Him use you to remind me. You blessed me today (well, actually, starting last night) sister!

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