Someone Stronger

We all need someone stronger, don't we?
Someone to go to, when it is just too much
We want to and try to carry the burdens of others
And it is good
But eventually, we need help

She came to me today
"Can we talk?"
Later, motion, arms, hug...
It feels like too much
So much has happened
And now there is this fear
This terror
When will the next thing hit?
At Spring Festival, the accident
In June, the thing that happened to her dad
Now, grandma in hospital
Today, waking up to little brother with a high fever
All alone to take care of him and then to get to camp...

And her brother
The comment grandma made after their 4-day visit with mom
The way she snaps at him
Tells him off
Hurtful words, time and again
He's only ten
She watches him, her little brother
Starting to close in on himself
Becoming quiet, changing...

I asked, "Did you share this with your team?"
One had shared about her dad's death
Another about her dad leaving
Another was terrified to face the day's challenge
The two guys...they tried to help but
Who was there to comfort the girls
She didn't want to add to the pain
So she kept her struggles in
Helped them
And today, has become exhausted by it all

She comes to me
And I know this is bigger than her shoulders can handle

She is a star
At the school
Among peers
An amazing girl
Kind, smart, caring, giving
Yet so much pain and pressure from all sides
I can comfort, listen, ask questions, cry with her
But it's not enough
Lord, she needs You
Open her eyes to see how she needs You
To see You
To know You are real and true
Be her refuge and strength through this life
Become the Rock she needs
Her source of strength

And as I pray that she will come to You
I come to You
I, too, need
Someone stronger

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