Why so gracious

Sometimes I wish You were not so gracious
Of course, that's when I'm pointing the finger at someone else
"How could You let him/her get away with that?"
"Shouldn't you call her/him on that one?"
It's when I wish they would feel bad about what they have done

But You
seem to generously overlook
and put up with so much
in Your children

We are so flawed
so much "not yet right"
and yet You seem to focus on the good
work to bring out the best
let some things slide
glory in the beauty
in spite of the mess

How do You see Your child
when she has walked away
by all the wrong she has seen
and experienced
in Your family

How do You see the one
lost in blame of others
blind to the part they played
to trigger it all

How does Your heart keep
towards those who
walk away
refuse to look to You

How do you stay
always willing to welcome a repentant heart

How is it that no one is ever beyond Your
willingness to forgive
compassionate eyes

amaze me
time and again

Thank You
for changing me
to be more and more like You

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