You Gave me This...

Thank You Lord
for the life that you gave me
this life
in this place
with its hardship
(I never thought I'd be saying this, but)
Thank You
for the lack of resources
the lack of help

I think, along the way
I've helped some others
and that was the intent

But I'm coming to see
I needed this place
this journey
to be forced to grow
and develop
so many gifts and talents
in the background
backing down and
backing away
when others were more competent

I needed to be in a place
where there was no one else
where at least my little
could be seen as a help
to force me to offer
and be bold
and let You
draw, push, force
more out of me

And You
having put this treasure in me
determined that You
wanted to see it flourish
You wanted me to be
all that You made me to be
You wanted to see these gifts
discovered and used

and this
was the only place
where it could happen

Thank You Good God
for so faithfully arranging my life

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