Who will go...

Who will go into the pain
Who will go and sit
    where there is death
    where there is brokenness
    where there is helplessness
    where there are no answers

Who will be there when they
Come crawling for help?
Bring their dead?

Who will listen
maybe there is
    help He wants to give
    a solution

Who will
    give the help
    do what needs to be done
    say the words

Who will go there
and not hold back

Who will be
in those situations
Not running from
    the uncertainty
    the risk of spectacle
    the consequences
    the personal cost
Jesus, forgive me. I have held back. Sometimes, I have been so unwilling, so not like You. Somehow I didn't believe You would come through. My eyes were blinded to what was really important. You wanted to do good, but I refused to be the one through whom You would bless. And in the end, we all lost out.

(from--reflections on Mt. 9:18-26, my own life and times I did not help, and the things J.Z. faced today, in the course of reaching out to help;  Dedicated to you J.Z.--you've chosen a profession of being willing for this, this day is why you were there...may you be renewed and strengthened as you have gone, given, and grieved with Jesus.)

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