The grace I seek

For ten more weeks in The Journey with Jesus, daily, the grace I seek is:
     to know Jesus intimately,
     to love Him more intensely and
     to follow Him more closely

In evening examen I ask:
     1. How and when did you experience Immanuel (God with you) today?
     2. When were you aware of your love for Jesus today?
     3. When did you "follow Jesus" in your relationships, circumstances,
         reactive and proactive responses and actions?

Jesus, help me to see You.  Help me to know You. Lead me Lord. Change me Lord. Work this into my life--may I live into a life of constant awareness of Your presence, always looking for You, seeing You, hearing You, responding to You and You alone. This is my deepest desire. I want to live well in this world, with You, centered in You, from You, and being You to others.

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