Have you noticed? Some heard them, they were really good, but years later, they are still telling the same stories? And I stop listening. I'm not impressed any more. Is there nothing new? Does their faith and experience of God not keep growing? Oh...forgive me if I'm judging here, that's not the point...just...I will choose others to be my guides.

God, preserve in me a fresh faith
One that lasts
But even more important
Is always new
I too have had seasons
Where the wisdom I spouted
Was old wisdom
Good still, but something from the past
Because there was nothing fresh
But that should last
Only for a season
Only a winter
Until spring
Old mixed with the new
Old and new treasures
Because of a life with You
That is alive and growing
You good God
Never stop leading and teaching
And there is certainly
More than a long lifetime's worth
That I have still to learn
For all my days
Whether they be few or many
May there be new
New insight
New courage
New love
New hope
New trials and challenges
New vision of You
New knowing of You

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