Two Boys

Two boys
Same grade
Same grief group
Both lost dad to suicide
Both saw dad's body not too long after the fact
One found the body hanging
One saw him shortly after the stabbing, blood everywhere
...details that were never shared in the grief group

Two guys
Watched them suffer
Watched them lost
Watched them hurt
Watched them and yearned...

Now...both...adopted into new family
A new Dad
Reaching out

Oh...Thank You Father
For reaching out to them

God...there is still a third boy
From that grade
From that grief group
When I think back to that group
The thing I remember most is the one time
The third boy
His small voice
Confessing loss and hurt

Will he come too
Will he know You
Will he join the family
Your great big family
Of hope and healing
And boys... coming home

(Wow...just heard about one of these guys today...weeping as I write this... the things that grab a heart!  The tears shed before, the prayers prayed, now...seeing them answered, step by step. Maybe 4 years from now I'll hear news about people I hurt and wept and prayed for last year...)

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