Non-Christians better than Christians

This is a sad one, but I do agree, and I'm seeing it now.
Someone else said this. I was recommending one of our former students to his program in his city. He trains university students to do youth programs, and then then run them in the junior and senior high schools--communication, anger management, etc.  And I said, "He's not a Christian," thinking maybe that he may only take on believers. "That's okay he said, some non-Christians are better than Christians."

Yeah, I know.

We're teaching a program this term--my colleague is not a believer, but wow, she is a neat person. And ever since she started working here she has been willing to grow and learn. She is so engaged, it has been such a pleasure planning and teaching the program with her. She engages, and facilitates--adds her thoughts even if it is someone else teaching and it might get changed a bit later.

We last taught it two and a half years ago. At the time my partner in the project was a "Christian", but how many times did he seem to be engaged, only to drop the ball, not follow through. Finally he totally backed out of helping with the preparation.

What about me?
Yeah, what about me.
In some things I do pretty well, my colleagues would point out areas in which I've grown. But I sure have been showing up late to a lot of meetings lately. I know there is at least one person that notices, and it bothers him.
What about me...
To be faithful...
To grow, and change.
It's important.

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