Can You meet him?

Please meet him Lord
I don't even know if he's Yours
But he feels distant
But maybe in a place to learn and grow again
He called tonight
Wanted to know what I thought he should do
He's lacking courage, he says
Afraid of everything
I thinking he's lacking reason, motivation
Reason and hope big enough to make it worth it
Although far from you
He still has his Bible
Still takes it on his travels I guess
Right there by his bed
I told him to read Joshua 1
How you told Joshua he should be courageous
And WHY he could
Lord, help him to see it
Help him to dare to reach out to You again
And believe

And, as he reads
Can You do something special?
Can You meet him there?
Can You do that thing You are really good at...
where it just comes alive
And the truth in the Book resonates
As truth inside a heart

Help him get it Lord
Thank You for bringing him to this place
More willing to be weak, to admit his weakness
Lead him to healing Lord
Fill up the emptiness
This is Your will
Do it for him please..
In Jesus' name
This is my prayer

(This guy...another one, whose dad died when he was young. Now his mom is gone somewhere else, remarried, and he is lost.)

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