This place, this time...

I asked for remote
     Got it!

It's pouring rain outside

Been staying, these two weeks, on land and in the area devastated by the great tsunami of 2004

Death and birth, tears and laughter, pain and healing, terrible sleep but very alert
     a week of extremes

So much to do, plan, nail down in this next week before heading back
     starting to settle down...

God of me, Jesus, Immanuel--Healer, Teacher, Father, Friend, Wise Counsellor, Judge to whom I give account, Saviour, Redeemer, Rock of Refuge, Hiding Place, Shepherd, Risen One, Lion, Lamb of God--oh please lead me these days, may I rest, and work, and ponder. May I "do" and "be" in good proportion. Lead me in the way I should go.

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