I didn't yet say...

I didn't yet note, did I?
That 2012 MUST NOT continue like its first day!

Oh the first day was good in some ways
Great and meaningful messages shared with students
Wrapping up with the final sessions for both the guys' and the girls' courses

We didn't intend for it to be so crazy
A 12+ hour work day, with sessions over-lapping
(It was Sunday, a rest day, and Sabbath for many in this world)
Crazy scheduling and changes at the school these students attend
...requires a lot of flexibility
Not much we could do

But the day was long
And I have lived and worked too many long days
In my life
and in 2011

In 2012
Things must be different

Next week, we meet and finish planning
And the plans we make
Will much determine the length of the days 
In the first half of 2012

Lord...lead us...Give your wisdom, lend Your fear

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