How to Procrastinate...and Feel good about it too

1. Read articles about motivation.
2. Click interesting links in above articles.
3. Look up books recommended in THIS ONE.  
4. Be impressed by above book.
5. Consider buying, loading onto Kindle and reading right away.
6. Think about how beneficial it might be to read this book every day.
7. Realize--if this book is so good, it must be available in Chinese too!
8. Check out to find out that... it IS
9. Consider buying a whack of books in #8 for all the people I know who could benefit from it.
10. Realize what I'm doing, that it's kind of funny.
11. Consider posting a clever line on FB.  
12. Write a blog post about how I'm procrastinating.
13. Link blog post to FB. 
14. Realize: "It's been quite effective. I'm still not doing the stuff I'm supposed to do tonight...and it's nearly 10 p.m."

Wow, I am a pro.
Maybe it's a sickness... oh, wait...I know.

15. Google search: cures for procrastination, compulsive procrastination
16. Find out if there are any easy miracle cures.

( don't actually feel so good about it...)

(17. Watch FB and Blogger dashboard to see how many people like, comment or read the post. :o( ) 

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