How Shall I Learn of You?

For a while now I've been anticipating the end of the year, finishing the reading plan I've gone through with friends for the past two years, and starting a new one.  That said, I know I'll miss reading the whole thing--through the Bible in 52 weeks, 7 days of the week in 7 different places. I'll miss...Isaiah and Jeremiah, 1 & 2 Peter, John's letters...well, who's to say I can't read them too? But that just won't be my focus next year. 

This next year is for learning of Jesus, focussing on the gospels, drawing near. I'm still not quite sure how I'll do it, what my system or 'requirements' will be, and I know I need some sort of accountability, walking with friends for the journey.

I just know the goal is not to get through passages, but to stay there in time--to stay, to sit, to be in His presence. The goal is to listen, to draw near, to be close. I want to know Him, be like Him, to more see the world the way He sees it. I'm tired of the ways I'm not like Him--the worries, the stresses, the taking on burdens not mine. And ... I hope I'll learn to be more willing and eager to die.

Jesus...I'm not quite clear how I should do this, but I ask You to draw me, to lead me...gently, beside those quiet streams. Take me to places so very safe so that I can finally find true rest. Oh, and Jesus, may I become like You...

"Come...learn of me...and you will find rest for your souls." Matt. 11:28, MRMT (my roughly memorized translation)

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