Prodigal Father

Suddenly it hit him
Finally he knew
Everything he'd known before 
Had been a farce
All he'd invested
All he'd given
Believing it to be gratefully received and valued
     was gone

He had trusted the look in the eyes
Believing it to be
All a farce
All gone
Nothing but wind
Nothing but self-deception

And the pain that came
The anger
The hurt
How could he?

I gave you everything
I poured from my heart
     My heart
     My time
     My encouragement, 

     Years of wisdom
     I worked hard to help you learn
     In a way that you, especially you, would understand
And you ...
     You looked at me and smiled
     You nodded, urging me on
     You made me think you were listening, learning
     I was encouraged by the hope that it was making a difference
     That you were growing, and being helped
But you ...
Counted it as nothing
Threw it away
Trampled it in the ground
Poured it out while laughing in my face

What were you thinking while you looked at me and listened
Certainly not taking it in
     Now I know
I've been had
I've been taken

How do I...
How can I...
Get over the pain?
Everything I've worked for
All I've been investing in
Found to be a waste
How could I have ever been so misled
How can I ever trust again?
     or give again?

And yet he did
The hope was greater than the hurt
The love for his son
Could not be repressed
What he really wanted most of all
Was for him to come home
To turn
     And then come home
No matter the cost
No matter the foolishness
No matter the risk

Yes, son could take it all and waste it all again
But the father's love
Was just too extravagant to be able to hold back
Foolish it was
A waste

Just generous, extravagant love
That wipes away the past
Gives a fresh new start
and hope for new beginnings

The Father...
Doesn't seem to count the cost
Maybe it just doesn't matter
Any price is worth it
In the end
It will all be spent anyways
Why not spend it all on one to be loved
One who can be made new

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