Cry for the Children

We cry for the children, both big and small
The children we didn't want
The children we didn't love
And now they are gone
No more

The ones gone
No more because we didn't want them
We didn't want anyone to know
We wanted to go on with our pleasure without responsibility
So we took a pill, had a surgery

The ones gone
No more because we didn't like their gender
Or how much it would cost to keep them
So we left them by the side of the road
or at a government office


And we cry for ourselves
We are the children that were not wanted
Almost given away
or given away twice over
We bear in our hearts the pain
The rejection

The sins of the fathers
Repeated again and again
They didn't want me
I didn't want mine

And now all that is left is to
Cry for the children 

(Yes, this one warrants a follow-up. I know...this is NOT the end, but now is a time to cry...)

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