Now I know...

I used to think going out in a blaze of glory was the way it should happen.
I used to think I would leave this planet young.
I used to think it would be so much better to be a blazing flame for Jesus--better to burn out, then forever be only such a tiny flicker that no one ever noticed.

But now I know.
Going young and quick would have been the easiest path.
And I...
I am going to need the years...
If all I am going to present to Jesus at the end of this life
Is my transformed self
Then I am going to need a LOT of years.
I think I'll need about 50... at least!

Maybe by 90 I'll have learned...
To love
To forgive
To freely share this grace that He's lavished on me

Until then
Or, through the years till then
Lord have mercy
Christ have mercy
Please change this heart of stone
into flesh.


Stephanie said...

Oh! Traveller, I am so with you here. The further down the road I get the more I realize how much further I have to go. ... His mercy alone.

Traveller said...

Thanks Stephanie--good to have companions on this road! Peace to you.

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