Wandering.. back


It's been a busy week. You have been here through all of it. You've led, prompted, I've continued to notice themes--You speaking to me. Yet, right now, I'm scattered, feeling a little distant, not centered. Too many nights not prompt to shut down and get to bed, leading to shortened or tired mornings.

I'm not truly sure where I am in the evaluation of my days. Certainly there are ways in which I've not measured up to your call to faithfulness and diligence. And yet, there is growth, there is a choosing to trust, believe, act, and see what You do. And You DO act, You DO provide.

But...I'm "off" now. Off-kilter. Off-balance. Off-schedule. Off-center.

Thank You Lord...tomorrow is free. Tomorrow can be rest, and worship, and coming back--to being centered in You. 

Please...guide my sleeping, and my waking. The thoughts that come, the choices I make. 
Please, bring me back to what is most important, for the day, the week, this time, this season, for me, for those around me.
Please, renew, revive, re-focus.

Thank You--You will. You are. You do.
Thank You--You are with me now. You love. Your grace and mercy and compassion never end.

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