A New Day

I wake to a new day
(well, actually, got a late start waking to a new day)
And there is nothing in me that wants to
Lean into my work
Lean into responsibility
Lean into the tasks that must be done
To be Your faithful child this day

God, I'm so glad You're far more faithful than I

I ...
You know who I am
You know what this is with me
You know
And still You love

I ...
A tear trickles down one cheek
I ...
Wish it was different
Know I'll regret it even more
If I follow through on my feelings this day

So ...
Here I am
I ...
Turn to You
Talk to You about it
"Waste" even more time
(Is this just another ploy to procrastinate--
A more "spiritual" way to put off my work?)
David said,
As soon as I pray, you answer me;

    you encourage me by giving me strength.*


This is my prayer
This is my call for help
This is my turning to You for strength

Please, help me this day Lord,
This week
It's more than my heart wants to face
I so easily lose sight of Your goodness
Your blessing
Your help that is on the way
I so easily despair
Forget the goal
Forget the good that will happen
If only I do not give up

*Ps. 138:3, NLT

Songs to bring me back...
Lay Me Down

10,000 Reasons

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