An Army, Please

A friend once told me, I'd need an army for all the things I want to see happen. The ideas are coming again, fast and furious. Lord, please send an army! Of course this is a peaceful army, it means a lot of people, but...they need to be smart and skilled, because I'm not. The only part I can play is pointing out the need, building and fanning some fires. Lord, send people with the smarts to organize, and strategize and find the resources, and the courage and stamina to persist even through failure and brick walls.

We need a whole lot of people. There is so much that needs to be done:
  • Sex Ed. for younger students throughout the county
  • Homes for the needy--mentally unstable, homeless, elderly, etc.
  • The exploitation of girls--junior high girls being lured into prostitution, being abused. We hear rumours. I wonder at some things I have seen. This needs to be investigated.
  • Families encouraged, parents trained in parenting
  • A counselling centre
  • Youth training--skills and character
  • What about homes/dorms for students? Even elementary students end up living on their own far from home
  • Of course it would be great if there was some vocational training too--agriculture, business skills--training and job opportunities that create income, yet nurture the environment
There are others as well, related to these. Ah, but even these, would take an army.

And...what am I supposed to do? What role would/should I play? What kind of life, and life availability (tasks ON the plate, tasks OFF the plate) do I need to work towards these things?

Lord, I continue to seek and dream, lead the thoughts and ideas. And until it is time for them, may I learn to be faithful in what is before me now.

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