Some People Live "Lite," part 1

I have watched them sometimes
They live "lite," unencumbered
Take on projects 
One at a time
One semester at a time
Move often
Change programs
All still within the same, grand, big picture
But keep things
Simple and free

Every time I have started something
New and fresh
In a new place
I, too, have felt "lite"
Like the task was manageable
There was energy for it

Maybe it is what You've called them to
And there are definitely some things 
I could learn from them
Ways of thinking
Ways of doing

But basically
You have led me to something else
I take on multi-year projects
Lifetime tasks
And the burden, the complication
Is great

I would like to break free
The burden feels so heavy
And I do so poorly at diligence 
In the midst of the long, daily grind
Maybe that is what you're trying to teach me
Maybe this is my training

Some people live lite
I don't
Sometimes I wonder if I should
Sometimes I see
That it is just a different road
With different costs
Different challenges
And it feels very heavy right now

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