Remember Your Love

How do I forget so easily
How can I STOP forgetting
How can I learn to constantly remember
That You really do love me

Your love
It’s everything
My joy
My hope
My purpose in living
It’s what I have
The only thing I have
To share with anyone
It’s the only reason
I can face anyone
Face the world
In spite of my failure and shortcomings

And You have proven Your love
Again and again
In history
In the countless times and ways
You have whispered it to my soul
In the ways You have
And guided
All the days of my life

So why do I doubt
Why do I forget
How can I stop forgetting
It came slamming at me this morning
In the resistance I felt to that prayer
Resisting the “giving You everything”
Only “Your love and Your grace”
As enough

Ah, it disturbed me
What I saw inside my heart
You showed me again
It didn’t take long
A simple review
A trip down memory lane
Revisiting things You’ve said
Along this journey

And everything changed
As I remember Your great love for me
Your promises to be with me always
How You have never broken that promise
You have never give me reason to doubt You
And yet I forget so quickly

Oh, I’m sorry Lord
How can I remember
How can I keep remembering
I think “contemplating the love of God”
Needs to become a part of my morning ritual
Every day
And then I need to revisit during the day
And in examen at night
Until my life is so formed by it
Until I am so utterly filled with joy
Unshakeable joy
Overflowing joy

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