Some People Live "Lite," part 2

It's a mystery
A paradox
You ask me to carry a cross
You ask me to die
These things seem
All very heavy and hard
And yet you say,
"Come to me...
Let me teach you...
My burden is light"
Hard and yet "light"
Heavy and yet "light"

May I not balk
Not complain
At the heaviness of the task
The weight of the burden

And yet may I somehow learn
(and I have already learned some!)
To bear the load
Apparently Your "yoke"
Is not a task, but a tool
A way of working
that fits
And it has to do with rest*
But there is still a "burden"
That sounds like a task
And it is light

The result
It seems to me
Will be work done 
With joy
Not anxious
Seeing all Your blessings
I think this is what Your "light" looks like

But I have not yet learned to live it
Teach me Lord

*Thanks to Mark Buchanan--messages given at Break Forth 2013 and in the book The Rest of God for the "yoke" thoughts.

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