Grow Girls

Grow. Learn. Stand. Strong. Please.

The one found hiding under her bed in March, by working through a conflict with her team learned the value of communication. She learned to participate in the conversation, something she finds hard to do. And, "Thank you," she said, "for giving us this opportunity to learn. Outside of here there are no places to talk and learn about this stuff--sex, and guys, and how to build healthy relationships. Thank you."

The girl who introduce herself on Monday by saying she doesn't like to hang out with other people ended the week on Saturday saying, "Everyone needs friends."

The girl who had been in a not-so-good relationship--sleeping with her boyfriend since in junior high, lots of fights and jealousies--is asking lots of questions making new decisions trying to learn from mistakes.  In the afternoon debate, she pointed to her wrist and said, "Would I have done this if it was good?" What was that about? How much more is there to her pain, her struggle?

One who wouldn't have attended unless being required to, found herself feeling positive and energetic. It started the day she shared her 'castle' drawing with her team. She was surprised at the way she felt. "I'm rarely optimistic and inspired about anything."

For many others it was learning about boundaries. I hope they really have learned, that they can, and need to say "no" at the right times, and "yes" at other times, and that they they do it--leading a healthy life.

Grow girls
in wisdom
in insight
in courage
grow strong
stand tall
show a different way to live
and share all you are
with others around you

please shine Your Light on these lives
break through the darkness
birth life and hope
and all they really need.

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