Permanent Beta

Michael Hyatt says to "Embrace Permanent Beta and Launch".  There is a sense in which I need to do that more--just DO IT!  Don't wait for it to be perfect and all figured out, it's already pretty good--do it, and twig it as you go.

And yet, there are some ways in which I DO do this, and I'm okay with it.  

These days I'm thinking about how to wrap up this first time through with the students in our final year-long course "Lead Yourself, Lead Others", and especially how to wrap up the "my story" component.  I got the idea a couple of years ago reading Donald Miller's book, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, and started dreaming of how it could be used. Earlier, a professor had led us through a project thinking about our own life themes, using sticky-notes to create a timeline similar to this one. It was so meaningful for me personally, I want others to experience it.

So I started, just jumped in.  

To refresh myself, I looked online again, and got ideas from others. Online--what do you know, Donald Miller had audio resources fleshing out story, and NOW, there is Storyline!  Oh my goodness, what I anticipate doing with students in the future with this, is so much better than what we are doing now. Can hardly wait! But first I have to do the process myself (let's see, would it be possible to do the 2-day conference? or will it be the book, or online group?). And then I need to contact the organization--ask if there is stuff coming in Chinese, or if they have problems with my turning it into Chinese, and then...

But...we're doing it now, we're already doing it.  And ... it is way less complete and powerful than what I imagine the big package deal to be. And it is way less than I imagine we will some day be doing. Maybe we can invite these current students back for the future version some day.

It is way less, but I am doing it.
It is way less, but I think it will be pretty good.  

Yes, permanent beta. Launch, and improve as you go.

It is how our whole program goes.

Btw, blog posts are kind of like this too :o) if I waited for perfection...nothing would ever get posted.
Gee...maybe God does "permanent beta" that's another take...(only goes so far...but..)

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