Did You Like it Lord?

Did You like it Lord?
Were You pleased?
I hope so

Did truth shine through?
Did it draw them to You?
Could they see their need
and Your provision?

Was it strong enough?
Or just a lame tag-on?
Oh, no, not the latter, please!

They seemed to feel it
Then seemed to connect
They recognized, affirmed
They have the same problem I have
After all the things we can do and want to do
To be better people
In the end
I must admit--my heart can be just rotten
And sometimes I just don't want to do or be good

Did they see it clearly enough?
Was it powerful enough to remember?
Oh, but I didn't really tell them how to go forward
Not even to say, "talk to me later"
I did say ... 'only You' as solution

This, too, I trust into Your hands
I've been praying, asking, seeking
Earlier, then lots this past week or more
I trust that You gave wisdom
And Words

Lord, take the seeds now
Plant them deep
May they come to life
In fertile hearts

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