Just One (Talking to Trees 1)

I noticed you today
Don't know why I didn't before
You are a palm tree

Palm trees are nothing unusual
Plentiful in some places
But here, on this mountain
There is just one

Only you

You are an oddity here
Among all the other greenery
You stand alone and forlorn

Alone, Yet you've grown strong and tall

Do you mind being so odd?
Do you mind that you have to hold the fort alone?
There in that spot

I will never know

There might be others like you
The only one of their kind in these surroundings

But they don't stand out like you do
It seems the other varieties
Have the joy of like-natured companionship

But you are definitely unique

Even in placement and space
There is a gap between you and them

All others stand apart from you

Is it because you're unique, they ran away?
Did they not want to be near you?
Or did you not want to be near them?
Or were you the only one that could handle that place?

Do you feel alone?
You are far from the others on the surface
Yet you share the same soil
Perhaps you reach out and touch
Somewhere down deep where you go for nourishment

You are watered by the same rain
You were planted by the same Creator

Who are you to complain?
Who are you to resent?
Or to boast?
Each would be equally in vain

Live the you you were meant to be
Grow and flourish where you were planted
For your singularity
You will be noticed, despised, and perhaps admired too
I hope you can live beyond all these

Keep reaching up
Looking up 

Be your palm tree self
Live free

(Wrote most of this Oct. 4, 2010, not sure why I didn't finish...Was learning from the trees that day. Perhaps I'll complete the other post too...)

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