Anger Alert!

"Have you had any extended conversations in your head (with someone else) lately?" That's just one of the questions Andy Stanley asks ("It Came From Within: The Hidden Chamber" message) following the "How's your heart?" question. This is simply one indicator of something not right in your heart.

So today...having conversations in my head again. And then the thought, "Anger alert!" 

Okay...once again. What is it that I think they owe me? List it out. Why am I angry? And then...what am I going to do about that debt? Holding out hope that things will change, that they will change something--hey chick, you're fooling yourself, keeping yourself bound! And, to be honest, it's not as simple as that. They are not the only one at fault.

The debt--the only way is to choose to cancel it. "You do not owe me anything, because I've cancelled the debt."

Release... again and again.

And be free.

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