Ode to Baby Goose, at 14 weeks

Baby Goose can grimace and squint
Grimace at what?
Squint at what?
Mom and Dad and all that smoochin’ – grimace, EMBARASSING!
Great big world out there, what’s it about? What will I find? How will I navigate? – squint

Baby Goose can frown
Frown at what?
Does he already know…there will be pain?
Does she already sense…it won’t be easy?
Yes, there will be
Yes, it won’t be

Baby Goose can pee and suck his/her thumb
Ah, relief
Life’s hard, but…
Oh wait, maybe he pees his pants when
she gets real excited
or she gets surprised!
Peeing is a relief,
Especially when no one else can see
Like peeing in the swimming pool.
Like peeing in mommy’s tummy
Ah nice.
(kind of extra warm then too!)

And in the end
Baby Goose can curl up and suck his thumb
She is at peace
He knows he is loved
She knows she is safe
Mommy and Daddy…
Love so much
Will do so much
To give him everything he needs
To do great in the life she will live
And know the God who will give him/her the peace she needs

So Baby Goose—press on
Grimace and squint,
Frown and pee and suck your thumb.
And learn to live loved, and at peace
In this life that is hard, and exciting, and surprising and…
Yes, a life of peace—crazy all around,
But safe in the arms of God.
That’s how life is for you now.
That’s how it can always be.

Last week little sis (Goose) sent the update of how baby is growing inside of her, and out popped this poem! I hope it finds it's way into the baby book.  Must be a page for "Baby's first poem".

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