The difference between 'okay' and 'good'

When will I learn
It doesn't really matter
It's probably not worth it

A document...a notice for the students
Three all checked it, said it was okay
I looked at it
And started making changes
Just small at first
Jumped right in...
What about this, and this and this
Tracking changes all the way
Wow, in the end it 
It took another hour and a half
Checking meanings

And in the end
Was it THAT MUCH better
Yeah, I think it was better

but, not really that much better
Do they think it was better?

Would I have even thought it was necessary
If I had taken more time on the front end to think

and consider
to consider the cost
consider what really needed to be changed
(yeah, it was good we added the part about not moving yet)
the cost in time
the cost in... 
not affirming someone else's work
not letting them grow and succeed in their own way

once again, me the one to make the final decision
me the one with the final right answer

When will I learn
The difference between 'okay' and 'good'
Is sometimes a couple of hours
loss in affirmation

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