A student's father died today. He had been bedridden and unable to speak or do anything for himself for two years. The accident two years ago was a tragic loss. Today they feel another tragic loss.

Two days ago there was a murder in town--mother and her 11 year old son. Apparently it was a break and entry, robbery...and then two were killed. A man has lost his wife and child.

Last week a friend and I met and suddenly got talking with the owner of a small restaurant. She ended up coming over to borrow some books, and in the process I found out about her husband...died just a few months ago of cancer of the throat. She, as is common here, never told him he had cancer and was dying.

I was looking through my 'drafts' and found something I started to write a few months ago about the gory pictures around town. A body had been found in two parts near the river and they were trying to figure out who it was and who did it.

Oh, and how can I forget--the 20+ trapped underground in a mine last week--this one made international news...I hear they are still pumping water, still haven't found the workers.

Death. A painful part of this world in which we live. It will be nice--the day that death dies. Until then...

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