Things Not Said

Words unspoken

Words not sure if they want to be expressed
Or should be shared

Words avoided due to fear
Or uncertainty
Words hesitated 
Not yet the right words
Not yet the right time

Words not voiced by accident
Meant to say it
Thought to bring it up
But time rushed on, and the words are gone

Words deliberately held back
Avoid the turmoil and trauma
'Going there' costs too much
Easier to say nothing
Than risk hours

to sort after-thoughts and emotions

Words withheld

Out of love
Out of apathy
As a weapon 

In self-protection

Some words should not be spoken
Some words should 
I have lived long and much in the latter
Am now learning the former

My heart 
May it be true and good
My words 

Spoken and unspoken
May they heal and give

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