Father's Day -- Thankful, and Wondering...

This Father's Day 
I find myself thankful, and wondering

I'm thankful for what I received
or rather, for who received me
when I came into this world

I had a dad who
loved me
treasured me
was proud of me
supported me
shared life wide open--
joys and struggles,
fears and frustrations
there were celebrations and confessions

and lots of wrestling

He taught me to do right, no matter what
and to confess when I was wrong
for that was the best way
when my heart was hurting
when struggles threaten to overwhelm
so often it was my dad with whom I'd want to share my heart
for hurting hearts, are handled gently in his hands

My dad showed me what a Heavenly Father's love is like
strong and powerful, boundaries for our good
and yet such a refuge when we are weak and failing
he made it easy to receive and follow and love God

even when I don't understand Him and need to wrestle

And yet I wonder why...
I'm sorry, I don't know why I did not quite see this so well before
With so many dads who abuse, abdicate, neglect, run
leaving so much brokenness in their path
why did I get a dad who did none of those things? 

why did I get so much, when I came into this world?

I don't know why

and somehow almost feel guilty
I'm thankful for my dad
And broken and weeping for all those whose dads are missing

or turned betrayers or...

This comes with a prayer for the world, 
and a prayer for fathers
May there be more men, 

who realize the impact of who they are
who love and treasure their children
who give the next generation 

a place to stand, a voice, a confidence, 
courage to do right and live well, 
and a place where it's okay to fall and fail, 

and always
lots and lots of love.

Thank you Dad, for who you are, for always faithfully seeking to be the best dad you can be, for taking that responsibility so seriously, as a trust from your Father. I love you. 

I didn't realize how lucky I was until I lived among many where it was so different. And today's reading of "A Father's Day Wish" also helped trigger these thoughts. 


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