I said I was going to spend time organizing today--all the piles of papers. It's become desperate actually--I MUST FIND my materials for prep this week.

But today was also "rest" day, and today's Bible reading was Exodus 33-36. I listened to the passage, and heard, among other things,  
    You must do no work on the Sabbath. 
    You must not kindle a fire.
I didn't really want to work anyway.
Cooking--I did some of that--baking actually. It is NOT my regular work, nor much a part of my regular life--rather relaxing. I did none of my regular work today. The organizing--that would have been very much related to my regular work.

And, I read a novel. Not too deep, yet not too light. Inspiring. People who choose to do right in the face of suffering and trial.

But I didn't do the organizing.
And I did not yet plan the week.
Was it laziness?
Or Sabbath?

Will it be okay.
I'm going to bed now.
With the work week not yet organized.
Many decisions are yet to be made.
There is a lot on this week.
Am I giving in to my natural tendency to procrastinate by not planning right now? 
Or am I resting?

Father, help me to wake up tomorrow morning, and really dive in--to bring this all before You, gain Your wisdom and insight, and not shirk any of my responsibilities. I ask your blessing, as I learn to Sabbath, and learn to work.

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