Three years ago...

Tomorrow...two were getting married.
This year, tomorrow, I get to babysit their two-week-old, while they celebrate with a brief 3rd anniversary date--mom's first trip out of the house since the birth (guess that makes me the first babysitter!).

Then, that means today (or was it yesterday) is also the 3rd anniversary of a death. A child whose life could only have been saved by an early transplant or a miracle. Biliary atresia it is called. We watched her stomach swell, every other part wither, until she died. I called her mom today...glad to finally connect again after so long. Painful memories. The parents divorced after that--the marriage was already having problems.

It's also the anniversary of another life.  About this time, 3 years ago, another baby was conceived, shortly after to be aborted. Some life and hope have followed on from this death. Yet, the pain lives on...

What a year. 

Many things happened. Yet in my mind and memory, just a very few events grew, became enormous, and eclipsed all others. I wonder what it might look like 10 years from now.

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