"Help me not to be a poophead..."

Yep, that is actually what I prayed as I was going up the steps to be with some friends for dinner--"a time of sharing and encouragement" was what the invitation said. And I...didn't feel like encouraging, couldn't see anything to be encouraging about, somehow got my knickers in a knot about something. So, I asked God to help me not to be a poophead. And He did. The evening was enjoyable, connecting with old friends. And in the sharing, several shared about the spiritual battle they have been sensing lately. One lives in the building with someone who has spirits come over her, and she uses 'ghosts' to drive out other 'ghosts'. And I wondered...could what I was feeling be related to that?

I am so prone to poopheadedness. I can just be ornery about ... nothing! It is good when I can see it, and pray about it. 

Where it comes from...I am sure there is lots of it still in me...these parts not yet fully refined and transformed. And then, I'm quite sure there is an enemy who prowls about and takes advantage of the situation, stimulates those parts.

Oh, but God, help me not to be such a poophead--at work, on the street, with friends and family. 

And thank you, for loving poopheads like me!

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