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The world Staff Retreat keeps coming up, but "retreat" is not quite the right word, if it evokes the idea of "vacation". I guess if you see it more from a tactical "retreat, regroup, re-inspire the troops, strategize and go at it again" perspective, then, yes, we are having our staff retreat this week.

I am, once again, hoping and praying for insight, direction, and breakthroughs. I don't seem to see very far into the future, nor very deep into people's personalities, strengths and weaknesses. I see problems. I see frustrations. And I DO see growth and progress. I have some ideas about how we need to go forward, but just for the next few steps. And the picture is partial. We need ideas and insights from others for it to work--we need to have this team, really be a TEAM.

Oh, team, yeah, I am really hoping that some good discussion will be generated by "The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team" by Patrick Lencioni. Most all of them will have read it, and feedback so far has been good. But will we be able to really dive in and apply it to our situation? Will we leave the retreat with specific next steps regarding what we discover about our team dynamics, and how to improve them? That will be part of the plan.

So I have been working, and still need to do a fair amount of work, to facilitate a retreat that will be both very useful and meaningful towards helping us gain clarity, and know what we are shooting for over the next year, as well as refreshing and encouraging personally. We need tangible, measurable, doable goals that when accomplished will contribute significantly to our vision. We need to figure out how each of us specifically fits into the action plans. And I want each of the staff members to grow personally as a result of this time together. I want us to be closer, more respect, more caring, more committed to our team vision.

I'm particularly looking forward to each night's bedtime reading--The Magician's Nephew, by C.S. Lewis. They...never new the joys of 'bedtime stories' as children. I hope they will enjoy it now, and perhaps start a new tradition in the next generation. 

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