How do I install a 1-day delay?

I need this installed on my mouth! Ah... It's terrible. So many times I say my first thought, and it is negative and not helpful. I regret what I have said. I so understand the line where Jabez prayed "May I not cause pain". The times I don't say it, I am so thankful, because later, in my thinking, I have seen so many other things, the good side of a situation. Oh, if only every time I opened my mouth I started there.

I must change. I must grow in this. Otherwise, I will always continue to cause so much pain. I just do not want to live like that. THEY do not want, or deserve, for me to live like that.

Sometimes I wonder if there is even hope. But I cannot give up. Maybe as I continue to be aware and act...I will eventually learn. There is an event on Saturday. I know I will see things that could be better, but I need to NOT say anything that day--during, or after--not say anything until later, when I see it from a more balanced perspective. But I know, during that time, I will feel such an URGENCY to say things, I will think it is SO IMPORTANT. I have wondered if I shouldn't go.

When will my presence be a constant blessing and encouragement for those that work with me?

I really don't know how to live.

Lord help!

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