Mercy's Rain

Where am I, Lord?
Only You know

I believe, I trust
You are here
Thought it feels like darkness closing in

I resonate with most of this:

   Lord, I know not what I ought to ask of thee; 
   Thou only knowest what I need...
   I simply present myself before thee,
   I open my heart to thee. 
   Behold my needs which I know not myself.
   Smite, or heal;
   Depress me, or raise me up;
   I adore all thy purposes without knowing them;
   I am silent; 
   I offer myself in sacrifice;
   I yield myself to thee;
   I would have no other desire than to accomplish thy Will.
   Teach me to pray. Pray thyself in me. Amen
   --Francois Fenelon

The high demands of following Jesus
Being like Him--in sacrifice, generosity, discipline, etc
(another reading today)
Do not inspire today
Only seem... far beyond my reach

Today I fall on Your mercy
Your grace
Knowing You still receive
Even if all I can do is crawl
Or lay flat on my face

Flat on my face
Rain comes
Your touch soothes

You know where I am
And that is enough

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