This Life

This life
These years
Forty-five now
Little sis posted, and reminded me
I wasn't supposed to live
Or, there were supposed to be "severe delays" if I made it
I've always joked about those "delays"
The reason I'm not "normal'

But this is part of my story
You let me live
And I was almost hit by a car at four
But I wasn't, I lived

There maybe be more times
Many more times
You let me live
You arranged for me to live

Let me live
Let me live for Your glory
Accomplish through me things that wouldn't have happened otherwise
Let there be things that happen on this planet, in lives
That would not otherwise have happened
But did
Because You gave me life
And because You lived in me
And because You led, and You guided and You empowered
And You accomplished
Many of the good things You wanted to do
Through my willing hands and surrendered heart

Let this be the story that is told
Let this be the truth that is lived
Oh, it's not fully now
And it's not fully yet
But it is still possible
Because You are
  The One who shines through broken jars

Take this life of mine
What was
What is
All that will be
Take it
Form it
Do something amazing

Let Your mark be on this life
Let Your light be what shines
Let Your breath
Breathe hope and life into these wasted bones and sinews
And then through me to them
To and for this broken world
These precious lives

May this life
Be all You intended it to be!

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