Satan won...

Satan won
this time
for now
over this life

He convinced her
time and again
that she was unloved
It was the lie she believed
from many events
and to which she finally succumbed

What blocked the way
Why was she not able to come to healing
Why was there no way through

He also seemed to convince her that
there was no way out
there was no one she could talk to
she needed to build distance
and keep it inside

Yes, if he could convince her
to hold it inside
to not be open about her pain
to not ask for serious help
then he could weaken her

What happened in those final moments
We may never know
What finally snapped
What finally won

What went right all those other times
Why she kept on...

But finally
she did it
took her life
and left her husband
and boys
and parents
and siblings

Yes, his mark is all over this
the prints of the one who comes and loves
to steal, kill and destroy

Much has been destroyed
Hope is gone
hope for
holidays spent together
a family whole at significant times

Yes, Satan, you surely dealt a blow
that will be felt for a long time

But know this
This is not the end of the story
And hope still remains

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