I come late...

Lent has now come to an end. Many people have found ways to learn and grow, turn and repent, walk with Jesus to the cross. Though I wrote a post at the beginning of Lent, though I was moved, challenged, felt convicted and thought I would move to change, actually, not much has changed. Now, maybe I'm "getting it" more. Now I'm more inclined to really make change. Yet with this track record...I'm not so sure.

I'm like Peter. Or Peter is like me. Or...I see a likeness, and so I see hope. It took him awhile to "get it" too. Maybe he thought he "got it" the first time--the time Jesus rebuked him (yeah, what a rebuke--when the Son of God calls you "Satan"--you've been told!), for disagreeing on the crucifixion plan. (Do you ever win, when you disagree with Jesus?) But he disagreed again--Jesus knew he would deny, knew he would walk away, but he...thought he knew himself better. And as Jesus faced the cross, he faced himself, and in the days that followed, lived out his repentance.

Forty days of Lent are over. I missed it. I missed out. Today many are remembering His death, and moving towards resurrection. For me, today brings a new opportunity, the blessing of a new spiritual practice, and a 40 day opportunity that can correspond. Today I begin my 40 days, thankful for renewed hope, grace and mercy, fresh starts.

From Aug. 30, 2013, Journey with Jesus--being Peter, told he would deny

You come gently
   yet firmly
You demand I must see
   two realities:
     my sin
     and Your unfailing love for me, regardless of my sin

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